Daddy’s Girl

He likes it when I call him Daddy.

He’s older than me, I won’t lie, I do enjoy the attentions of men who are my senior.

I’m younger than his daughter, he likes the way I can turn on a naive charm and act unsure and uncomfortable under his gaze. He tells me once, that he likes that I’m a woman, that I have the experience and skills of an adult but that sometimes I still look young enough to be asked for ID.

I blush pretty he tells me, it makes me squirm in a way I can’t describe, he likes to hold my hand in public, he enjoys the way men leer at me, he gets hard when I call him daddy and let him kiss me filthy in front of strangers.

He has had me as myself, as a woman confident in skill and ability, who can control and demand and play his body like a fine tuned instrument, it’s fun he tells me, no man complains about an orgasm. He likes me better shy, when I act like I can’t swallow him down, he likes me to tell him no, he loves it when I tell him it’s too big and it hurts.

He loves pigtails and short skirts and defiling my body, to tell me how I’m a dirty little slut, and punish me for teasing.

Every time he goes home to his wife, I admire the handprints he leaves on my arse and my throat.

The first time was the best time, I love first time’s the most. First times come with anticipation and nerves, with the underlying fear of ‘what if?’.

We had negotiated to death, dos and donts, he was respectful and insistent, I appreciated that, consent IS a turn on.

He knocked on my door, I smiled as I opened it and asked him to come in. I had told him before, I never knew how to start, he stood close behind me as I locked the door and as I turned round he slammed me into it.

I was immediately wet and weak at the knees, he grabbed me by my throat and held me in place, pushing up so I stood uncomfortably whilst he kissed my mouth and bit my lips.

He let go and told me to go to my room, without hesitation I did, and as he walked through my door, he praised me for being such a good girl for him. I preened under his words and smiled, he held me round my waist and as I cuddles into his broad chest he kissed the top of my head.

He spun me around, his chest to my back and we faced a mirror, he kissed and bit my neck, telling me to keep watching, that my eyes were not to shut. His hands trailed my waist and lifted my shirt, as instructed there was no underwear in the way and my breasts were free, my nipples hard with excitement.

He kept up his minstrations on my neck, occasionally moving to my ears, I’d shiver every time he spoke, he called me baby, slut, whore. He whispered about how he loved my fat tits, his crude words only added to my excitement.

He starts just by holding my breath in his hands, squeezing and caressing before gently rolling my nipples between his fingers, I gasp and my head leans back on his shoulder. I make eye contact with him through the mirror and suddenly he twists both of my nipples hard, it makes me moan, my knees buckle and he laughs.

I bite my lip and he releases my breasts, one hand comes and caresses my face while the other holds my throat, rhythmically squeezing my windpipe and he rubs his thumb along my bottom lip.

Knees he commands, I turn to face him and drop with speed I didn’t know I could possess.

I look up at him through fluttering eyelashes and he runs a hand through my hair, he parts my legs with his foot and nudges his shoe against my wet, aching pussy, he pulls back and looks at it.

He grabs my hair in a tight hold and berates me for getting his shoe dirty. He slaps me once hard across the face and tells me I’m nothing more than a dirty whore and that I should not be aroused from the abuse he intends to inflict on me. I feel myself getting wetter.

He slaps me once more and releases my hair from his grip, I’m panting and my chest is heaving with laboured breaths, tears run down my face and I’m so happy.

He undoes his belt and slips it out of the loops, he lays it loose around my neck and undies his jeans, he doesn’t respect me enough to undress, just pulls his dick out of the space he has made. It is so hard and red, my mouth waters as he rubs it against my cheek and leaves a trail of precum in its wake.

I am told to look up, to keep eye contact and to stick out my tongue, I flush with humiliation and do as I am told, he is not after a blow job, he wants to use me to masturbate and I’m greatful. He tenderly holds my cheek and places the head of his cock on my tongue, he tells me how pretty I look, how I’m being such a good girl for him, my eyes water with the tenderness of the moment, his grip tightens and he thrusts into my mouth, taking me by surprise, I gag and he pushes further in, fuck he exclaims, fuck so good sucking daddy’s cock baby, my eyes water and saliva already drips down my chin. He takes his pleasure from me and I love every moment of it.

He withdraws from my mouth and orders me to strip the rest of the clothes I wore and lean over the bed. I jump to his commands and brace myself over the side of the bed, legs apart and on display. I tremble with anticipation of what’s coming. I hear Daddy stalking behind me and I have never felt more like prey.

I jump as I feel his firm caress on my thigh, his hands alternate between harsh squeezes and soft strokes. I feel him stand behind me, his presence enough to keep my attention, I darent look anywhere else but at the wall.

‘Head down’ he barks at me, and unconsciously my head lays on the cross of my arms.

He lists my indescressions, some false and some real, my pussy tingles as he does, I know where this leads to, I know what happens next.

He grabs me forcefully by my hair, my back arches and he tells me to apologise. I say ‘sorry Daddy’ in a sacherrine sweet voice that shows how sorry I am not. Everything in me is afire with excitement, it takes everything not to bounce on the balls of my feet to show it.

He grabs the belt that I lay across the bed when undressing and snaps it in his hands. The sound causes me to visibly shudder, he spanks me once on each cheek as a warning.

He warms my skin up with his bare hands, twenty slaps, reign down on my bare bum, once he is finished he steps back to admire his handiwork, I thank him.

The belt is snapped again, I’m told I will receive twenty lashings for my disobedience, my cheek and my failure to use manners. He expects me to count each one and thank him, I’m told if I loose count, he starts again.

The first hit he lays down on me causes me to jump, ‘One, Daddy, Thank you’ I squeal. He pushes my body back down into the bed by my back and continues.

Each hit brings me closer to the edge, tears freely escape my eyes and my arousal becomes more and more obvious.

He drops the belt on the floor, and runs his hands over my bruised welted arsecheeks, squeezing hard to see me wince and then down my thighs and in between my legs.

Keeping one hand pressed against my soaked pussy, he braces the other near my head and leans down. ‘Such a good girl for daddy, you took your punishment so well’ I moan at his breath in my ear, his weight on my back and the way his finger slides back and forward along my slit.

He shocks me by biting down on my shoulder and roughly pushing two fingers deep and hard inside me, I gasp out loud and turn my head to face him. He roughly captures my lips with his and forces his tongue past them, a mockery of what he does with his fingers.

He withdraws his hand and rolls off me, he makes me lick his fingers clean while keeping eye contact with me, he moans and calls me a slut, I smile at him like it’s the greatest praise.

He gently holds my face and wipes away all the stray tears that had tracked down my cheeks and kisses me as though I’m fragile, my heart skips a beat, I feel in a daze, he snaps me out of it by tightening his grip that has fallen to my jaw and tells me to get on all fours, he wants to admire his hard work.

On all fours, on the bed, and I feel like I’m about to explode, I’m starting to shake as the arousal takes over my whole body. Daddy spanks me on each bum cheek and asks me what I want, I flush red, he knows that this makes me squirm with embarrassment.

‘Please Daddy, please fuck me, fuck your little girl’ he sighs behind me and rubs the pad of his thumb against my arsehole, I groan and he tells me to try again, to beg, to be more specific. ‘Please Daddy! Please fuck my hot wet pussy’ he slams into me and calls me his good girl, I’m in heaven.

His thrusts are sure and strong, rocking my body with every slam inside, his thick cock stretching my walls and rubbing against me perfectly, he leans forward and wraps his hand once again around my throat and starts to piston in and out of me harder and faster, he squeezes my throat, once, twice and I come hard, my arms buckle and my face presses into the sheets.

Daddy holds my head down for a minute before he stands up and grabs my hips with bruising pressure and chases his high, he slams into me one last time and comes deep inside me.

The pressure and the warmth bring me close to the edge, he stays inside me and rubs my clit with furious pressure and brings me off again, he pulls out, slaps me on the arse and I fall forward in collapse.

He lays gently next to me and pulls my body to his, my back against his chest and touching all the way down, he holds me close and kisses rain down on my face and hair. Exhaustion takes over me and he shushes next to sleep, he strokes my hair and pulls a blanket up around us, I know he will clean me up later, but for now, he will hold me and love me.

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